Putting The Wrong Gas In Your Vehicle: It Happens, No Big Deal

There is no need to panic if you put the wrong gas in you car. Let us explain. There are usually 3 types of gasoline: regular (87 press), mid-grade (89 press), and premium (91 or 93 press). If you put two high of an octane (89+) in your vehicle, you’re simply wasting money. Gasoline companies […]


Common Ways Cold Affects Your Vehicle

We can all agree car problems are annoying. Unfortunately, when the temperature drops, issues with your vehicle seem to accumulate. Your car won’t start, the door is frozen shut, and your windshield wipers will not work. The question is: what can you do now to try to avoid some common problems?     Have your […]

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

With such low temperatures this winter, you could be risking your life driving an unreliable vehicle. Inspecting your vehicle may be your smartest choice. We’ve made this inspection process easier by putting together a “Vehicle Inspection Checklist” just for you! If you put check marks in the boxes “Okay” or “Poor”, you’ll want to talk […]

Salvage-Title Cars: To Buy or Not to Buy

You see a car is listed for an excellent price, looks great, and has low miles. Is the offer too good to be true? It’s possible! Often cars with salvage-titles have these characteristics. So, does it really matter if a car has a salvage-title? Yes. Here’s why: If a car has been totaled, insurance companies […]

Cash for Your Junk Car

It’s October: Time To Throw Out The Junk

School’s in session, football has started, and leaves have turned to yellow, red, and orange. It’s a great season for change. Why not take some time this fall to clean up your life? We’re talking about throwing out the baggage and the junk too. Before winter sneaks up on you, why not clean up your […]

What Credentials Do We Have?

Top Dollar for Cars believes in honesty, professionalism, and in having a great reputation. In fact, Top Dollar for Cars is a company which takes pride in being a licensed dealer. It is fully bonded and insured in used cars, salvage and parts. Top Dollar for Cars belongs to the Better Business Bureau, MN Safety […]

Vehicle Damage From An Accident In Minnesota

When involved in a car accident, the best thing to do is to stay calm. Call 911 immediately and receive medical attention if necessary. The next step is calling your insurance company to report the incident. During the call with your insurance company, ask if you have comprehensive collision coverage. If so, your insurance company […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your questions answered is necessary to understand how a company operates. Whether you are wondering what others think about Top Dollar For Cars or how “junking” your car works, we are here to answer all your questions! Make sure to read some of the commonly asked questions and answers below. For more information, check […]

Why Top Dollar for Cars?

There are a lot of reputable scrap metal businesses out there, but there are just as many operations that tend to operate with less than honorable practices. Let us just say right here and now that Top Dollar for Cars is the type of business that you can send grandma to and she’ll get a […]

What Happens to a Recycled Car?

We live in a throw-away society. When we’re done with something, it simply goes to the trash, then the landfill, never to be thought of again. This process is really pretty simple, the garbage goes into the ground, gets buried, and stays there forever. Landfill waste isn’t meant to break down it’s simply preserved for […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Car

Do you have an old clunker sitting around the yard? Not sure what to do with it or how to get rid of it? Well, plenty of people try to haul in their old cars to scrap yards only to run into hassles like how to get it there, and once it’s there, how (or […]

Cash for Junk Cars – Lakeville

We give cash for junk cars! So if you’re looking to get some extra cash in your pocket, all you have to do is get rid of a junk car. It kind of sounds like a win-win for you, but at Top Dollar for Cars…we love junk cars. Junk cars = reuseable auto parts. We […]

Junk Car Value – Minneapolis

You would be surprised on how much cash you can get for your junk car. Junk car value is often underestimated. People just don’t understand how valuable their junk car is to us. At Top Dollar for Cars, we buy junk cars. The car doesn’t even have to be running, any make or model. There’s even […]

Cash for Junk Cars – Minneapolis

Get paid to “clean up” your yard! Top Dollar for Cars can help you get rid of that unfixable, unwanted vehicle. We accept any kind of car, running or not! There’s no car too “old” to get cash for. We can even arrange to buy cars without a title! That’s one of the many perks. If […]

Junk Car Buyer – Lakeville

Are you looking to get rid of your junk car? Top Dollar for Cars will BUY your junk car! It doesn’t matter if it’s running or not. So don’t think for a second that no one wants your junk car! Top Dollar for Cars is your local junk car buyer in the Lakeville area! And it […]

Junk Car Pickup – Minneapolis

Do you have a junk car that needs to be picked up? We offer FREE towing for your junk car! If you’re still debating whether you want to sell your junk car to us, get a FREE estimate or call us today! It’s a hassle-free process to get cash in your pocket.

Buy Wrecked Cars – Minneapolis

There are many reasons to buy wrecked cars. For all those people who crave to fix up an old beauty, Top Dollar or Cars sells all kinds of wrecked cars. Or, maybe you already have the car in your possession, but are MISSING a piece that’s “one of a kind”…Top Dollar for Cars also sells parts […]

Cash for Junk Cars in Minnesota

Who would want your useless junk car, and actually pay you money for it? Top Dollar for Cars would love to give you cash for your junk car in Minnesota! Maybe it’s just me, but cash in your wallet is better than a junky rusty old car wasting away in your backyard. But that’s your call. Even […]

Junk Car Towing in Saint Paul

We offer FREE junk car towing in Saint Paul. Not only do we offer the convenience of towing your junk cars, but it’s absolutely FREE! We schedule a pick up at one of our offices in Oronoco or Saint Paul. Reasons why you should opt for our junk car towing in Saint Paul: It’s FREE […]

Cash for Junk Cars in Minneapolis

Earn cash, AND clean your yard? Yup. It’s true. Top Dollar for Cars wants to give you cash for junk cars in Minneapolis. The question is, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? There are two simple ways to get a quote! Call (651) 775-6055 or use our online form. The quote is FREE – there isn’t a thing to lose! Be […]

Cash for Cars in Minneapolis

It’s a deal almost too good to be true! How can a business actually PAY YOU CASH for a junk car that DOESN’T EVEN RUN? It’s actually pretty simple. Since we recycle and/or happily re-use all materials as much as possible, we save a lot of money through out the year. So not only are we paying you cash […]

Cash for Clunkers in Saint Paul Minnesota!

Want to know the secret of how you can get cash for your clunkers? It’s simple! Top Dollar for Cars will pay you Cash for Clunkers in Saint Paul, MN! And it gets even better…FREE TOWING! If you have an interesting collection of junk cars in your yard, we understand how valuable it may be to you. […]

Cash for Junk Cars in Lakeville

  Do you have a wrecked car you’re trying to get rid of?  Top Dollar for Cars in Minnesota will help you out! Get cash for your junk car in Lakeville! We’ll get in touch with you as soon as you put in a request and we’ll schedule a time to pick up your car!  It’s […]

Junk Car Value Minneapolis

  Looking to get some junk car value in Minneapolis?  You’ve come to the right place! 1) We have two locations in Minnesota, one in Oronoco near Rochester, and one in St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area. We can come out to where you are and pick up your vehicle for you, we offer FREE TOWING standard with […]

We Buy Wrecked Cars in Saint Paul!

Is your car smashed, trashed, and otherwise completely junked?  Are you in the Saint Paul, Minnesota, area and looking to get rid of your wrecked car?  You’ve got a few options when it comes to deciding what to do with your wrecked car.  You can keep it as a lawn ornament, donate it to your […]

Get Cash for Your Junk Cars in Minnesota!

Got a wrecked car you’re trying to get rid of?  Top Dollar for Cars in Minnesota will help you out!  We’ll get in touch with you as soon as you put in a request and we’ll schedule a time to pick up your car!  It’s just that fast and easy! Not sure if we’ll take […]

Your Locallly Owned, Saint Paul Minnesota Company

Do you live around St. Paul? Good news: Your neighbors are getting paid cash for their junk cars! How many times have you asked yourself. ” Every day I see this car in my yard/property, I really just need to get rid of that junked eye sore! However, towing is expensive and I just want […]