Common Ways Cold Affects Your Vehicle

HowColdCanAffectYourVehicleWe can all agree car problems are annoying. Unfortunately, when the temperature drops, issues with your vehicle seem to accumulate. Your car won’t start, the door is frozen shut, and your windshield wipers will not work. The question is: what can you do now to try to avoid some common problems?



  1. Have your car battery checked

It is frustrating, (to say the least), when your car won’t start. Have your battery tested to avoid getting stranded with a vehicle that won’t run. Also, typical batteries only last 3 years, so make sure to have yours replaced when the time comes.

  1.  Look at condition of spark plug

Your vehicle may not start with a bad spark plug, clogging filter, or ignition component.

  1. Take care of car doors

It’s not uncommon for door locks and seals to be frozen. To take care of this problem, spray door locks with WD40 and smear Vaseline on door seals!

  1. Check tire pressure

Check the inflation of your tires; under-inflated tires do not perform well on poor road conditions.

  1. Protect windshield wipers

Do not turn your wipers on until you’ve cleared your windshield of ice and debris. If you do so, you could avoid tearing of the wiper blade and a wiper transmission break.

  1. Check fluid levels

Did you know fluids thicken with colder temperatures? Make sure you check transmission, power steering, oil, antifreeze, and brake fluid!

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