Have a car just rusting away behind the old garage? Is it time to get rid of the old junker? Maybe you had a project car that is no longer worth the time and effort? We all get busy. We can get that junk car off of your hands – and pay you cash! Below you will find three easy steps to get Top Dollar for Your Junk Car.

How to get Top Dollar cash for your car:

Cash for clunkers
Cash for your junk car

Step One: Car Details

You’ll tell us about your car, including details such as:

  • Make, model, and year.
  • Condition of your car.
  • Whether you can bring it in, or if you need a tow. (You get more $ if you can bring it in!)

Step Two: Towing or Drop-off

  • Your request comes in, and we contact you right away.
  • We’ll schedule a pick up or drop off of your car, through one of our offices in Oronoco or St. Paul.
  • Before you know it, your car is ready to be picked up!

Step Three: Cash for Your Car

  • We can usually pick up your car on the SAME DAY you need it done.
  • You get paid!
  • All scrap metal and parts are carefully sorted out and recycled in the appropriate manner to keep the environment safe and healthy.