Are you looking to learn more about us and how to get Cash For Junk Cars in Minnesota??

Many people are taking advantage of getting Cash For Clunkers. You would be suprised on how much cash you can get for a junk car! Did we mention yet that we offer Free Junk Car Removal/Junk Car Towing?

Here are answers to some questions you might have about

What is

  • Your request comes in, and we contact you right away.
  • We’ll schedule a pick up or drop off of your car, through one of our offices in Oronoco or St. Paul.
  • Before you know it, your car is ready to be picked up!

Do you care about the earth/environment?

  • We do! We are very careful and respectful when it comes to our earth and recycling. We are committed to being as environmentally conscious as possible.
  • Our goal is to always re-cycle materials: Scrap metals, Junk tires, Lead batteries, Anti-freeze, Mercury switches

What credentials do you have?

  • We are a license dealer and are fully bonded and insured in used cars, salvage and parts. We belong to such important and recognized organizations such as:
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • MN Safety Council
  • Automotive Recyclers of Minnesota (ARM)

How are you able to junk my car and pay me so quickly?

  • We have two locations in Minnesota, one in Oronoco near Rochester, and one in St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area. We can come out to where you are and pick up your vehicle for you, we offer FREE TOWING standard with all pick-ups, or you can stop in with your car. (We do not pay for your own towing if you decide to bring your car to us)
  • Our direct access to the MN Department of Transportation (MNDOT) auto database allows us to take/change ownership of a vehicle immediately when needed.
  • Since we recycle all materials as much as possible, we save a lot of money througout the year, and as our way of saying “Thank you” for helping us continue to be friendly to the earth, we pay you cash for your car or parts, which we happily re-use.

Help! I have lost my vehicle’s title, but I need to junk my car! What can I do?

No title? No problem! We have direct access to the MN Department of Transportation (MNDOT) auto database. This gives us the ability to take/change ownership of a vehicle immediately upon purchase. It also helps us check ownership status of a vehicle in the event of a lost title. 

What kinds of vehicles do you accept?

We accept all kinds of vehicles… any year, any model, working/running or not!

If you are wanting to junk something other than a car or truck (i.e. boat, farm equipment, other equipment), please contact us to arrange details.